The Beautiful and Chic White Kitchen Design

The attractive white theme kitchen designed by San Francisco and Portland based Caitlin Wilson can be an interesting option. Try this beautiful kitchen design to make the kitchen atmosphere more fun.

Inspired Vintage Kitchen With Glam and Rustic Touch
This vintage inspired kitchen with a touch of glam and countryside is so friendly and inviting so you do not want to leave it

The walls are lined with white marble floor tiles, the floor is coated with wood with herringbone pattern. The furniture is white, and the white cabinet is conjured up with a bass handle to look chic. The large kitchen island acts as a breakfast room and is defined with two brass lamps and a white pendant that perfectly fits the furniture. Peachy printed chairs feature white kitchen islands.

There is a small office corner home here – this section is equipped with gray graphite cabinets, highlighted with a brass handle, there is a white table. TV put in the cabinet on the table.


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