White Home Interior Design Using Timber And Brick

The design of the house using brick and wood is quite interesting, showing the impression of a classic design but very classy, the right mix to produce interior design house that makes the atmosphere becomes more comfortable and cool. There are many examples of interior design that can help you be creative in making the desired home interior design

Interior designer Marta Castellano and architecture studio Serrat-Tort have injected personality and charm while retaining the original industrial appeal of this Barcelona loft.

In renovating this open plan, exposed brick lined loft in Barcelona, interior designer Marta Castellano whitewashed the original herringbone timber floors in order to create a sense of cohesion across the varied timber floor surfaces throughout. The brickwork has also been washed in white paint throughout the interior while in the sunroom leading of the open plan living and dining room the natural red brick has been left raw, creating warmth and visual interest to the overall scheme. Fabrics have been used to great effect here to create a sense of warmth and intimacy while also successfully softening the industrial scheme. Lighting creates further interest together with an added layer of dimension and texture throughout the entire interior scheme.

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