Interior Modern Home Design With Unique Ideas

modern house with a dark exterior has split levels inside and tasteful modern decor pictures 2

Modern home design with garden yard can make the house feel more cool and comfortable. Because the air circulation around the house to be more healthy and clean thanks to the plants around the house and also a beautiful scenery. Especially if the design of the house is set to the right, has a cool interior and light can enter optimally into the home more and make your house to be perfect and fun.

The kitchen, dining room and living room seem to be united into one space but they are located on different levels and separated this way – what a creative idea to unite the spaces though visually separate them! The dining area features a wooden table, white chairs and a vintage-inspired black hearth. The living room shows off a rounded sofa, a storage unit, a velvet chair and a glazed framed wall that provides gorgeous views. The kitchen is done with sleek light-colored wooden cabinets and some black touches for an accent, it’s very stylish and welcoming.

private zones upstairs and public ones on the lower level pictures 1 three different zones a kitchen a dining room a living room they are all located on different levels pictures 3 The living room features a framed glazed wall a large rounded sofa a breakfast zone pictures 6 storage unit a velvet chair and a chic table in the living room pictures 4 The kitchen is done with light colored wooden cabinets some marble and black touches pictures 5 The home office is done with a long windowsill desk a blue chair and a matching sofa pictures 9 The master bedroom is done with an upholstered bed blush nightstands pictures 7 The large master bathroom is done with grey concrete a large mirror vanity and two sinks pictures 10 Theres a free standing bathtub and the same decor as in the bedroom to connect the spaces pictures 8

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