Classic Mirror Bathroom Style by Space

classic mirror bathroom by space pictures 1

The bathroom should be nicely designed as it can reflect our own cleanliness. With the right bathroom interior design, can also show our style and personal desires. Many things can be done to redesign the bathroom to make it cooler. We feature classic cool mirror that can be used in the bathroom. So you can feel more satisfied while cleaning the body while looking at our body.

Each mirror is handcrafted by family-run ateliers in Tuscany and combines a buoyant semicircular marble shelf attached to an opal glass sphere, creating a piece that exhibits both form and function. Like two planets in space an opal glass sphere is buoyant along a semicircular marble shelf over the Float mirror. Wilkinson equipped Float with an opaque round light that can be switched on and off using a pull cord, adding a novel play on the classic dressing room vanity mirror often seen in the backstage dressing rooms of theaters. The little shelf on the mirror is enough to hold some basic accessories, and that means that you needn’t any vanity at all – this mirror will fulfill its functions plus you will get an additional light, which is often necessary in bathrooms.

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